Who Paints Furniture


That was my first reaction. The answer is me and my neighbour and my friend and my friends friend, I think we are coming out of the woodwork. People who may or may not have any interest in any other kind of painting or art, are showing their true colours, making their mark and loving every minute of it.

“How expensive is this paint with chalk in it!!” That was the second reaction. Artist have been adding stuff to paint since the 14th century. Early Renaissance Artists prepared wooden boards for painting with gesso using gypsum ­white chalk pounded with glue from animal skins. No more history I promise.

It’s a good job we don’t have to go that far, I would be stuffed as my son is Vegan! So this method has been around for a long time an thanks to the lovely people at Fox & Bear in the UK, painting it on that special piece of furniture is easier than ever and we can now buy a 500ml tin for £12.95 – just enough for an average sized piece of furniture. I know, as I have a graveyard of almost empty tins from manufacturers of 1 ltr. They also produce some lush papers and stencils that mean we don’t have to work too hard putting a colour scheme together.

The Edwardian cabinet in the photo above was painted with Sergeant Major paint:

https://www.etsy.com/listing/243669670/sergeant­major­chalk­paint­for­creating? ref=shop_home_active_1

and the Vintage Collection of Decoupage papers. Great to break up a room and always a talking point.


WARNING:  Remember painted furniture is for life not just for your immediate pleasure so finish it with a durable lacquer – I prefer matt but pearl is divine too!