Make Furniture Your Art

As an artist, my successful paintings always come from the heart. All the preconceived ideas and plans will serve only to point the way, the end result finds itself and you will know if it’s right.

It’s the same when we reinvent a piece of furniture. The idea that we don’t need to sand and prime the wood is great. Not so good though, when your lovely white table has brown marks appemums retro bureu steampunk industrialaring through the paint! So a little thought and preparation pay dividends. Try to use the cleaning process to explore the shape and textures, look closely at the underside and insides too, this will give you a feel for the furniture.

Have fun and get in the flow by keeping lots of material options close to hand – papers for decoupage – chalk paints – different colour options – plenty of brushes so you can change your mind without running to the sink. A few baby wipes are useful too. Most of all give yourself TIME. Just like a painting, a piece of furniture needs time to evolve into something special so don’t be too hard on yourself if you change your mind, after all it’s your prerogative. Check out some of my favourite materials on Etsy, click here.